Western Australian Buckskin Association Inc.

The Registry for Buckskin, Cremello, Dun, Palomino & Perlino horses in WA.


WABA Accredited Judges

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Liz Carlisle             Victoria                                            liz@keirapark.com.au

Noelene Cochrane   New Norcia       0427 839 286       noels5005@gmail .com

Helen Harris            Gosnells            0412 485 795        helenharris@bigpond.com

Harald Hartelt         Victoria                                            mallawaparkstud@yahoo.com

Vikki O'Dea            Tennessee USA                               vikodea@gmail.com

Leanne Owens        Queensland                                     lea_owens@hotmail.com

Janeen McRoberts   Spearwood        0419 934 831       janeenmcrobert@hotmail.com

Karen Mori              Oakford                                          karen.mori53@gmail.com

Neryl Simmons       Serpentine         0419 967 670        simmonsneryl@gmail.com

Daryll Vale

Sandra Whitburn     South West        08 9755 1182           


Judging and Showing WABA Registered Horses



Buckskins and Duns (remembering some horses carry both Buckskin & Dun genes) are always shown together in our Studbook classes. This is because in these classes we are looking at conformation, temperament and trueness to breed type above all, not colour. ‘A good horse is never a bad colour’. All horses registered display or have been proven to carry correct colour genetics to be registered with the Association. Due to the vast differences in Buckskin and Dun colour especially, asking a judge to consider colour as well in a general halter class is impractical. These classes may be split by height at larger shows.

The actual Colour Classes are always split. With Buckskins (cream gene only) who do not have a true dorsal stripe or other primal markings, we are looking for clarity in body coat. When a judge considers two horses to be of equal colour the one with the least amount of white should win.

In the Dun Factor class, which includes Buckskin/Dun, we are looking for clarity and strength of colour in the primal markings and the more primal markings the better. This class is judged as well on the contrasting effect between the base coat and primal markings.

Colour classes in larger shows are split into Cream to Typical Buckskin, Golden Buckskin, Brown Buckskin, Black Buckskin, Buckskin/Dun and the Base Colour Duns - Red, Copper and Blue Dun/Grulla.

Cremello and Perlino colour classes are judged in the same way. Consideration must be given to the Perlino's coffee coloured mane, tail and points which may be mistaken for not being clean. This colour should not be considered detrimental when judging there colour.

Appendix, Cream Appendix and Foundation Mare Classes are always held at our main shows. WAPA registered Palominos are able to enter Cream Appendix classes at our main shows. These horses will all have colour classes.

At State Championship there are classes for individual breed types e.g.  Miniature, Welsh, Arabian & Quarter Horse and any other breed that is represented in higher numbers.

All State Championship shows are held at a 'class' indoor venue, with an impressive array of Perpetual and Annual Awards.



All horses must be shown in suitale head gear.

Whip length should not exceed 120cm.

Plaiting is optional, but is not desired for horses competing in Led classes only.

Dying of the body coat is not permitted.

Hooves should be painted in natural colour.


Royal Show standard - Long sleeved shirt, tie, dress pants (no jeans), Jacket (in hotter weather jackets may be removed if the judge isn't wearing a jacket) hat, protective footwear. Gloves optional but desired in presentation and handler classes, OR Western Attire or English Attire.

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