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Registry for Sporthorse, Buckskin, Palomino, Cremello/Perlino, Dun & Broken Coloured Dilute in WA.

Photo Gallery

2010/11 Foals 2010/11 Foals Wow!!! Buckskin/Dun Colt Tondarosa Studs latest arrival colt, tested positive for cream 'nCr' and dun 'Dd'. By Red Dun mini "Sierra Autumn Oakie" 104890379 Remaani Lodge Stud - Buckskin Filly This filly is by newly CPRWA registered cremello stalion "Jenamir Mystic Moondancer" 104890378 Star 3/9/10 Tiff Maddox's Buckskin Filly out of her palomino Mare Shandy 98365794 Taju 'copper dun' filly 9/10 Copper dun filly out of red dun 'Spin Fx Rain' and by buckskin 'Taju Koffi n Cream'. could be carrying cream gene = 'Buckskin/Dun'. 98123454 Buckskin Filly + cream test 8/10 96501281 Minstrals Stud Buckskin Colt. By welsh B buckskin "Moondyne Caro" 98582528 Minstrals Stud - Cremello filly by Welsh B Buckskin "Moondyne Caro" 98582529 Lilly - born 13/04 - 17 inch tall Lilly with Teeshar "black buckksin" + cream test 96369568 Kiddo Perlino colt - buckskin X buckskin 96501279 Junior Buckskin Colt - buckskin X chestnut. 96501280 Bow Bay Appendix colt - buckskin X palomino. 96501282 Abbey Palomino/Dun filly by red dun Sierra Autumn Oakie. tested positive for dun 'Dd'. 123616723 Melody Silver/Dun filly by Red Dun 'Sierra Autumn Oakie'. Dam silver/dun. Tested positive for one copy only of dun 'Dd'. 123616724 Itsa Shamrock studs Marglyn Lady Gwynevere Connemara filly ~ Marglyn Lady Gwynevere ~ owned by Itsa Shamrock connemara stud 139903028 Itsa Shamrock Sensation Cremino Connemara sports x filly Connemara sports X filly ~ Itsa Shamrock Sensation ~ cremino 139904495